From Planogram to Custom Merchandiser...

Select a preset planogram from 2 to 20 ft. or allow us to customize a program specifically for you. We realize your market may be unique and your cordage program will have to be designed with "A" items to meet your special needs:

  • Hardware
  • Marine
  • Farm
  • Sporting Goods
  • Houseware
  • Food
  • Drug
  • Automotive
Color Planograms

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Color Slotting Diagrams

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Wellington has the capability to respond quickly to your planogram needs through the technology of Intercept's Pegman® M.A.P. (Merchandising Analysis Package). Pegman® is a planogramming software package that enables us to design a planogram quickly using what you know and what we know sells best. Additionally, we can use Intercept Pegman® to generate an anticipated GMROI ( Gross Margin Return on Investment) report and sales per square foot on a single store or chain wide basis.

Since proper look is important in merchandising, we can also provide you with a color digitized image of your planogram. Nothing can compare to seeing your custom planogram in living color. Black & white images aid your store personnel in setting displays.